Baby Pouch Pies

Baby Pouch Pies

Baby Pouch Pies

Take a shortcut with shortcrust pastry & a food pouch! These little pies make a tasty lunch or on the go snack for your little one. They're also perfect for popping in the freezer and pulling out as and when you're in need of a speedy meal. 

You'll need:

1x Roll of Shortcrust Pastry

1x Food pouch of choice, both sweet and savoury would work great.


1. Roll out your pastry.

2. Cut out small circles using a cookie cutter.

3. Take 2 circles, then squeeze a little of the food pouch onto 1 circle. 

4. Place the 2nd circle on top, and seel the edges using a fork. Pop a little airhole in the top. 

5. Bake at 180c in the oven for 15-20 minutes until browning on top. 

6. Serve & Enjoy!