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Remember learning to feed yourself?  Of course you don't, you were too busy getting spaghetti in your hair. But now you have kids of your own you can see the problem.

Our two little girls wanted to feed themselves by themselves, but they needed the right tools for the job. So we made our own.

Battling the Rolly Stuff.

This was our first cutlery set. You can mix and match the handles to make a new character; what fun!  TUM TUM was Mia's name for her tummy and our first 3 characters were Woof, Oink & Ribbit; animals that Izzi liked us to make up bedtime stories about.

Big design for little fingers.

A lot of thought goes into our products and how they are used. We struggled getting our daughter to move onto a cup at first, but she loved straws.  Hey presto - a super stable straw cup that converts to an open cup for tooth friendly sipping.  Spare straw included in case of chewing/loss down plug hole.

Tippy Up Cups

In 2017 we introduced our multi award winning Tippy Up Cups, with their free flow straws for easy drinking. The nifty weight on the end of the straw allows them to be tipped upside down, as the end of the straw follows the liquid.

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Designed With Feeding Specialists

In 2022, following two years of development, we launched our new silicone weaning range, designed with Feeding & Swallowing Specialist Speech Therapist; Stacey Zimmels and the inventors of Baby-led Weaning Gill Rapley & Tracey Murkett. It went straight on to win mulitple awards.

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Our family has grown up and so has TUM TUM.  We enjoy working with many different international cultures to supply TUM TUM globally from our base in Buxton in the beautiful Peak District.  We even gave our dog her own range... see if you can spot it... ;-D

Andrew, Suzanne, Izzi & Mia xxx