Big design for little fingers.

TUM TUM products include nifty design features to help eager kids with more enthusiasm than expertise.  Scooping corners on bowls and plates, wide stable bass on cups and removable grippy sleeves on cutlery all help with the tricky business of getting food from plate to mouth.  Designed by a Mum & Dad for our own children in Buxton in the beautiful Peak District.

"Fantastic - only cups my daughter will drink out of she won't even have a cup. We now have 3!", Kylie.


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"Absolutely love this plate, we have used it every day! Making funny food faces makes weaning so much fun. The sucker allows it to be kept it place too. A really great product.", Elisha.


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This is us.  Mum and Dad to 2 gorgeous independent girls, who were determined to feed themselves by themselves + Scruff the Dog! 

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