Starter Baby Weaning Bundle, Betsy Bear

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  • Facing weaning for the first time?  Our starter bundle will get you off the starting blocks. Reassuringly designed with not one but two feeding specialists.
  • 3 Way Trainer Cup has 3 stages, from straw cup with short straw to aid mature swallow pattern, to lidded transition cup with recessed rim to allow lips to form around the edge as with an open cup but with minimal spillage, through to sturdy open cup with double handles and wide base.  
  • Designed together with Feeding and Swallowing Specialist Speech Therapist Stacey  Zimmels.
  • Suitable for both cold and warm drinks, such as bedtime milk.
  • Ideally shaped for the early palmar grasp, moving to pincer grip this Baby Cutlery with Travel Case has been designed together with Dr Gill Rapley, the inventor of Baby Led Weaning.  It has chunky, easy to pick up handles which nestle in the hand in use, a proper fork head with carefully shaped tines to enable effective stabbing and a cute handy travel case for on the go dining.
  • The Baby Suction Bowl Set has super strong suction, steeper sides for easy scooping and a handy lid for snacks on the go or for storing left overs.  Spoon included.
  • Made from Food Grade Silicone, which is naturally bacteria resistant, BPA & Phthalate free, tested to European Standards.