Simple Easter Crafts - Chicks & Bunnies

Simple Easter Crafts - Chicks & Bunnies

Simple Easter Crafts - Chicks & Bunnies

Easy peasy Easter themed crafts perfect for all ages, that you’d be hopping mad not to try during the long weekends & Easter break ahead.

With Easter now just around the corner we’ve put together some super cute makes to keep all ages busy. From cheery chicks to little bunnies. 

Toilet Roll Chicks

Collect up those discarded toilet roll tubes and grab some yellow paint for this simple chick making fun. Use a black crayon or felt tip to add the chick features.

Credit: Mother of Grom

Toilet Roll Bunnies

If you have any toilet tubes leftover from the toilet roll Chicks above, then this activity will product some very cute bunnies. Paint your toilet roll tube with white paint. Make their ears from card and glue them on. To finish you bunnies stick on googly eyes, pipe cleaner whiskers and a pom pom nose. 

Credit: @4stepspreschool

 Handprint Chicks

A great activity to do with all ages, even the teeniest ones will love having a go at making these chicks. Pre-schoolers plus can have a go at adding their own chick faces too. 

Credit: @spanishclass4peques

Footprint Bunnies

How utterly adorable are these, and a great craft for even the smallest of feet. We think these little bunnies would make a lovely keepsake gift for family members this Easter.  

Credit: Unknown

Have fun! And please tag us on social media if you & your children give these activities a try. #tumtumtots