Cinnamon Roll Baked Oats

Cinnamon Roll Baked Oats

Cinnamon Roll Baked Oats

With the weather seemingly feeling more like Autumn, than Summer! This baked oats recipe is a delicious way to start the day....and stay warm!? Baked oats can be prepared ahead of time and simply warmed up at breakfast time, making them a super nutrious option on busier mornings too. 

1 ripe banana 
1/4 cup oats
1/4 tsp baking powder
2/4 cup milk (or as preferred)
Dash of cinnamon
1 tsp vanilla extract (optional)

For the cinnamon swirl:
1 tbsp almond butter
1/2 tsp cinnamon
& a dash of water

- Mixed together and swirled on using a piping bag/seal bag with corner cut or just spoon it on! 

- Baked for 20mins in a preheated 180° oven. 

** Did you know our Baby Suction Bowl is oven-proof to 190c (Not the lid) 

Recipe by @what_amara_eats