3pc Swapsie Baby Weaning Spoons Set, Double Ended

    "After having 4 children I wish I had found these with my first baby. The size of the spoon mouth is smaller than usual baby spoons which makes it soo much easier to feed baby it means no overloading of the spoon and less spit back out the baby's mouth. Il be likely buying more from this brand!" Jordan B

    TUM TUM baby weaning spoons are perfect for little mouths, with a small end that's suitable for younger babies who are new to spoon-feeding and a larger end that's handy once they're a bit bigger.

    Our baby weaning spoons come in a handy set of 3 and they work brilliantly with our baby weaning pots. Whether it's baby-led weaning or a different approach you're taking or you're just keen to choose the best baby weaning spoons, you'll find that our baby weaning spoons are ideal for your little one.

    • Why does the other end always look more fun? Why can't I use it? Now you can…
    • Our double ended baby weaning spoons have different sized ends for double the options
    • Perfect for use with our Peepo weaning pots or for the dippy ears in our Bamboo baby suction face shaped plate
    • Designed with love by parents in the Peak District