Baby Feeding Set, Pink

"The force is strong with this suction ;).  At last... one that sticks!  We use this all the time and the bowl is great for taking out too."  Debs Forester
  • Ideal first feeding set for babies with more enthusiasm than expertise!
  • Developed in consultation with feeding specialist Gill Rapley, the cutlery has chunky handles to suit the early palmar grasp, moving to pincer grip.  And the fork is of the  optimum shape and strength for stabbing pasta. The soft narrow headed spoon is ideal for scooping and dipping
  • The fun foodie face plate is designed to tempt fussy eaters.  As parents of one of these ourselves, we found that making foodie faces would tempt her to try new foods. Muchroom moustache? Spaghetti hair? Carroty Eyebrows? Much more fun than normal food! Especially when you can dip them in saucy ears!
  • The lidded bowl is perfect for breakfast, pudding as well as for snacks on the go. Also great for storing leftovers.

  • Super strong suction bases weld the bowl and plate to the table to counteract any young 'throwers'. Ensure the surface is dust free, clean and non porous for optiminum suction.

  • Dishwasher safe, microwave safe, freezer safe & oven safe (not lid or fork) to 190°c
  • Made from Food Grade Silicone, which is naturally bacteria resistant, BPA & Phthalate free, tested to European Standards.
  • Designed by Parents in the Peak District.
  • Suitable from age 6m+

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