Tall Tippy Up Cups, 300ml (Series 3) Bundle A

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Love these cups!  So so happy they now come in a bigger size.  Jacob won't drink out of any other cup but he's drinking loads now so this is perfect.  So easy to drink from and cute too!  Gemma C.
  • Nifty free flow weighted straw follows the liquid to aid any way up drinking
  • The ideal baby sippy cup to move on from a bottle or breastfeeding
  • Leakproof flip top lid stores the straw hygienically away
  • Handy measure on the side to see how much they've drunk
  • Ideal for both traditional and baby led weaning
  • Tested to European standards, BPA & phthalate free, for age 6m+
  • Suitable for cold or room temperature drinks only - if milk comes up the straw, this will be due to a build up of vapour pressure, either from warm drinks or from changing temperature, e.g. fridge cold milk in a warm room.  Release the pressure by twisting the lid to allow it to escape before flipping the lid.

Care Instructions

The best methods for cleaning your Tippy Up Cup is by hand washing with a mild detergent. 

  1. For a light clean (e.g. if only used for water) the straw does not need to be removed from the lid.  Wash with warm soapy water and simply run the straw under the tap, letting the water flow through the straw as you rub it between your fingers to remove any debris.    Alternatively, fill the cup with hot soapy water.  Close the lid and shake the cup.  When you open it, the water will shoot out of the straw, giving it a 'pressure clean'.
  2. For a deeper clean (e.g. if used for milk or juice) detach the straw from the lid and give the cup a more thorough clean, leaving the straw to soak if necessary (e.g. if the cup has been left to stand with milk in it).  The straw can then be cleaned with the TUM TUM straw brush or similar.
  3. Can also be sterilised by boiling, steaming, UV or chemical sterilisation.