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Remember learning to feed yourself? Of course you don't, you were too busy getting spaghetti in your hair. But now you've got kids of your own you can see the problem.

The battle with rolly stuff

It's tricky to get food onto your fork and all the way to your mouth when you're little. We watched how our two little girls, Izzi & Mia ate their food, battling to keep rolly stuff on their forks and struggling to scoop food by chasing it around their plate. We knew it was important for them to enjoy eating and to do this, they needed the right tools for the job. So we made our own.

Our first cutlery set

This was our first cutlery set. It's got bowl shaped forks and 3 sets in one for the whole day. And you can mix and match the handles to make a new character; what fun! We called it   TUM TUM because it was Mia's name for her tummy and our first 3 characters were Woof, Oink & Ribbit because these were the 3 animals that Izzi liked us to make up bedtime stories about.

Going a bit mad (in a good way)...

Then we went a bit mad and suddenly had lots of new products - bowls and plates with scooping corners, beakers with big wide bottoms and grippy sides, lunchbags with built in unzippy placemats. Before we knew it we were on planes and trains and selling all over the world, all from the cellar of our house in beautiful Buxton in the Peak District.

We hope you like our stuff and if you have any suggestions please let us know here: hello@tumtumtots.com

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